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Dear SimpleFCU community,
Months of our hard work are finally visible and touchable now! We have been receiving feedback about making the simpleEFIS module available alongside our simpleFCU module. We simply couldn’t resist the idea of bringing the EFIS module!

Creating an EFIS module was definitely a lot of learning and fun. We’ve tried to upscale all the knowledge gathered from the development of the FCU module with all your feedback in mind. Of course, there were some obstacles but now these are far gone and it’s time to say hello to the simpleEFIS!

simpleEFIS front view


Are you eager to try the simpleEFIS module? You can! Two demo modules are traveling with us to the upcoming FSWeekend in Lelystad on March 16th & 17th!
Don’t miss a chance to try the simpleEFIS and simpleFCU modules in a test flight ✈️


How does simpleEFIS work?

The simpleEFIS module uses the very same technology as simpleFCU module. This means that the module is based on Arduino Mega, which is powered from the USB cable from a computer. No additional power is required. simpleEFIS and simpleFCU are both standalone products (one USB port per device is needed), however we really recommend using them together 😉 simpleFCU & simpleEFIS
simpleEFIS uses MobiFlight as the software solution. We’ve found MobiFlight to be easily configurable and super reliable. We’ve designed a new simpleEFIS shield, similar to the current one, and there are three completely new boards which handle the rest.

We’ll disclose what’s in the package in one of the upcoming blogs. But there won’t be any big surprises, except the surprise itself shipped by us. You can expect a different gift than the one you’ve received with your FCU order.

Of course, we’ll make all the printing files and configs available for all our customers for free. This includes fine-tuned configs for all currently used aircraft by our community. This includes the legendary FBW A320, Fenix A320, A310 and many more. They can be easily downloaded from the My account section of our website. After you finish the checkout process, the account is automatically created and all the content will be waiting there for you.

All configs and printing files are free for all our customers. All revisions and updates are, and will forever be, provided for free.

Note: As we need some time to finish the configs and printing files, these will be available for download before the actual shipping starts.

Join us on our Discord with over 300 people from all over the world who are sharing tips and tricks, config files, and much more!


Details about simpleEFIS

simpleEFIS is based on the A320 EFIS Control panel and keeps its full functionality. You can easily set the barometer with the PushPull module commonly used in simpleFCU and there’s also a dedicated push button for selecting hectopascals or inches of mercury. Pulling the knob sets the Std barometric reference, per the original functionality, pushing the knob sets the QFE or QFN mode.

Five push buttons will keep your navigation display up to date per your selection. These buttons are backlit, so you can have full control of the aircraft anytime. An active green LED indicates which navigation mode is currently selected and mimics the actual aircraft setting in real time.

Mode select switch changes the mode displayed on the respective navigation display and with Range select switch you can change the displayed range.

Two dedicated Korry type buttons are used as Flight Director and Landing System. Pushing each button activates the dedicated function and illuminates the green active LED. You can, of course, edit the config and set them for any other available functionality. You´re the captain here!

Additionally, ADF-VOR Select Switches provide the corresponding NAVAID information on the navigation display.

Flying without an EFIS panel is so much harder!

simpleEFIS preorder

Important times and dates

Alright, we know this is the most important section of this blog for you. Let’s make each important detail crystal clear.

We´ll start accepting preorders from Thursday, March 14, 7AM UTC time.

As you’re already used to having Creative, and Assembly editions, we’ll be accepting orders for both editions since day 1. All currently supported versions – Regular, Mini and A3xx LCD from KAV Simulations will be available for preorder.

The preorder will be up and running for one month. After this date, we’ll stop accepting new preorders and focus on the production phase. The number of preorders is not limited, however, the sooner you place the preorder, the sooner your package will be shipped. If you secure your preorder early on, your package will be sent out with priority.

If you’re a little late to the party, it might take a few more days or weeks until the package is actually shipped.


How much will simpleEFIS cost?

As always, we kept in mind that simpleEFIS has to be as affordable as the simpleFCU module. The Creative Edition can be preordered for 139€ and the Assembly edition starts at 199€. All current simpleFCU customers will receive a discount in their mailboxes by the start of the preorder 😏

If you´re still not a part of our simpleFCU family, we invite you to take advantage of the special preorder offer for simpleFCU & simpleEFIS modules at discounted prices!

The Creative edition for both modules will be available for 279€! In case you’d  like to receive plastic parts as well, we’ve prepared a special discounted price 429€ for both modules. And that sounds awesome, right?

Reminder: Once you’re actually on the checkout page, there’s an option to redeem a coupon. Don’t forget about this if you have one!


When will the shipping start?

The scheduled date for packages to depart is May 31st. Secure your shipping spot and place the order as soon as possible 😏
Keep an eye on our blog, social media channels and Discord server for the most recent updates.

Let’s summarize all the important info now:

  • preorders start on Thursday, March 14th, 7AM UTC time
  • they’ll be up for 30 days, not a single day more
  • for both Creative and Assembly edition
  • all supported versions will be available
  • first come, first served – who orders first, gets the package as a priority
  • shipping starts in late May

Alright, we guess this was a lot of news you need to process and hopefully share with your friends. Do not hesitate to do so and let us know in the comments below in case you have any more questions.

You can always shoot us an email or join our Discord server to get in touch as well.

Do you already have a reminder set? 🤔

See you on weekend at FSWeekend 2024! ✈️


For the entire simpleFCU team


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