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Brand-new autopilot experience for everyone


We deliver the hardware, you print the plastics.
Backorder today and get exclusive access to the FBW A320 SimpleFCU livery!

Fly like never before

Fly like never before

Experience a new era of being a virtual captain. No more mouse scrolling in the cockpit. Have a full control in any situation, anytime.
SimpleFCU detailed view

Use our pre-configured files, get creative or set up your own, completely unique project based on our hardware. Simply made for you


Assemble, connect & play

Ready for MSFS 2020 and X-Plane! The pre-programmed files are set for you. Piece together, test & fly.

Enhance your creativity

Use provided STL files or design your own box! Hook other components and create advanced modules. We got you covered.

Bigger project ahead?

No problem! Purchase separate parts and finish your idea.

A wide array of intelligent features makes
flying that much easier




Korry type double-LED switches


Push-Pull modules


More LEDs used for indication

Customer's builds

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How does it work?

Technical information


MobiFlight fully compatible

  • Airbus A320 NX ready (Airbus family)
  • CRJ models
  • Boeing models
  • more to come

Seven segments displays

  • 3 and 5 digits with amber backlight

Push&Pull encoder switches

  • incremental encoder modules with push and pull function

Korry type double-LED switches

  • white warm backlit and green indication LEDs
  • momentary tactile switch with click sound

LED indicator board with 5 LEDs

  • Flight Director, Parking Brake and Landing gear LEDs

SPD/MACH switch

  • integrated switch for selecting SPD or MACH

Front face panel

  • 120 x 245 mm  |  4.72 x 9.65 inch (h/w)


  • 120 x 245 x 180 mm | 4.72 x 9.65 x 7.08 inch (h/w/l)

Push&Pull encoder modules

  • through hole 10 mm | 0.39 inch (diameter)

Korry type double-LED switches

  • through hole 20,5 mm | 8.07 inch (square)

Complete tech specification for custom panels available after checkout


Core chip

  • 1x Arduino MEGA with USB cable

Fully assembled FCU board

  • 2x 7-segment three digit & 2x 7-segment five digit ready
  • SPD/MACH switch
  • all needed connectors

Push&Pull modules

  • 4x encoder
  • 4x knob
  • 8x buttons for push and pull functions
  • 4x wires to FCU board

Korry type double-LED switches

  • 7x Korry PCB ready for assembly
  • 7x wires to FCU board
The build

Finishing the build

  • STL files for easy printing of each individual part
  • One main front sticker
  • One set of stickers for Korry buttons
  • Main cable from FCU board to Arduino board
  • All necessary screws
  • PDF guide for completing the assembly and basic troubleshooting steps

Power source

  • powered from USB port


  • a surprise! 🎉