Welcome to our FAQ section. We've put together a list of questions you might have.

General Questions

What is the actual state of SimpleFCU?

Our first batch has sold out. We’re currently accepting backorders with approx. shipping time in June 2023. We’ll keep you posted via our social media and Discord server.

How does SimpleFCU work?

In a nutshell – it communicates via Arduino MEGA and MobiFlight software with the WASM module installed for MSFS2020. This module is able to sync the relevant data with the SimpleFCU displays, buttons and LEDs.

Do I need the A32NX mod (FlyByWire)?

In order to get SimpleFCU fully functional after assembly, the A32NX mod is required. Some pre-configured events require this type of Aircraft to be available. If you’re not flying the A32NX already, we really recommend this. It is a big improvement against the original A320 in the game – better physics, textures and flight model. You’ll love it!
You can find more about it here 🛫 https://flybywiresim.com/a32nx/

Does SimpleFCU work with Fenix A320?

Yes! Thanks to our community, the config is available to download for free!

Join our Discord or let us know if you’re having an issue to locate it.

Is X-Plane supported?

Yes. Brand-new version 12 is supported as well.

Can I modify the software?

Absolutely. You’re able to edit every part of the config within the MobiFlight software, thus you’re able to customize every input & output. You are also able to develop new parts for your virtual cockpit.

For which Aircraft was SimpleFCU made?

The current version is made for the Airbus A320 NX and the Airbus family in general. Thanks to the especially designed Push&Pull modules and Korry switches with the Airbus look.
We’re already working on a Boeing version. This will include finish of the Korry buttons designed for Boeing look and respecting the backlit color. Be sure to subscribe to our Boeing list and stay up to date with news from us!

Can I fly Boeing with the current version?

Absolutely. The config will be available approx. 14 days before shipping.

Can I change the configuration for any aircraft, such as CRJ?

Yes, you can create your own config within MobiFlight and save it as another file. This will allow you to create a separate config for CRJ, i.e. you can learn how to create configs easily here 🛫https://github.com/MobiFlight/MobiFlight-Connector/wiki

Will there be support for other aircraft?

We invite you to share your configs to others! This might get very handy for other people who are flying different aircraft but would love to try something different next time.

Is there any battery inside?

There is not and there never will be.

How is SimpleFCU powered?

USB data cable can provide enough power with no additional wall adapter needed. You can use any free USB port on your computer. Both 2.0 and 3.0 are supported.

Note: We’ve written more about it on our blog.

On which system is SimpleFCU based?

SimpleFCU is running on an Arduino MEGA with integrated MobiFlight software. This is, of course, a part of the package.
You can use your own Arduino as well. Just keep in mind that not all models are supported and you’ll need a solid amount of input pins for SimpleFCU. Don’t hesitate to ask us for help, we’ll be happy to assist!

What do I need to run SimpleFCU?

You most likely already own everything…except the SimpleFCU! You require having installed the MSFS2020 and MobiFlight software including WASM module (MobiFlight will install this on an initial launch). MobiFlight can be downloaded for free.
For the A320NX config  you also need A320 NX mod, which is free to download as well.

Will there be an out-of-the-box solution?

This is already planned. If you don’t want to miss an opportunity to buy one, be sure to subscribe within this list. We might be able to offer you a discount later on 😏

The build

What are the optimal printer settings?

The most important thing is to have the printer calibrated. You can read more about how to do it here. For under or over extrusion, please, head here or here.
Any (even cheap) 3D printer with 0.4mm nozzle should print all the parts just fine. We’ve tested it with Ender V3 w/ Ender PLA basic filament, used temperatures were 60 for bed, 210 for the first layer and 205 for the rest. Glass bed is not needed. The results were great.

How long will it take to print everything?

It’ll roughly take you approx. 2-3 days of printing to get everything ready. We really recommend that you start printing just after the files are available, so once the package reaches you, you’re ready to start assembling. We’ve written more about in our dedicated blog article.

Is there any preferred material?

We recommend printing with the material that you’re familiar with. If you are about to purchase a printer, definitely go for PLA filament. If you’re more experienced, and you’re familiar with printing with e.g. ABS, you can print the modules with ABS. This will make the box/modules even sturdier.

From our experience – don’t buy the cheapest filaments on the market, as the quality can be very low. We recommend authentic brands, such as Ender, Prusa, etc.
Please, avoid using no-name Chinese filaments. We can’t guarantee the result with random materials, we’re sorry.

How much filament do I need?

1kg spool of PLA filament should be sufficient. Based on your location, the cost should be approximately around 30 Euros or Dollars.

I don't have a 3D printer.

In this case, you’d need to ask your friends or look for a company that can print the SimpleFCU parts. We’d recommend looking for a local university or some kind of hobby store. These people might be able to help you at a lower cost than regular companies.
Also, you can think about buying such printer and enjoy all the benefits that this device can bring. There are so many things you can create!

Can you send me already printed plastics?

Not yet, we’re sorry. You´ll be able to preorder the PIY (print-it-yourself) SimpleFCU version and save money with the discounted price. Plus, assembling the module is a lot of fun, we can guarantee it!…and for sure you’ll learn new things and skills. Win-win.

What tools do I need in order to assemble the SimpleFCU?

You need to have a few screwdrivers, a soldering iron (basic soldering skill is sufficient) and a hot glue gun for fixing a few things in the place. No electric skill is needed.
All the cables are using standard signal connectors, once you’ve soldered them onto the modules, you just need to click them into an appropriate position onto the FCU board.
The main 50PIN cable is supplied, so you just need to click it into the place on both sides. The same applies for 6PIN for indicator board.

Please, refer to our manuals for more info. Don’t hesitate to ask for help on our Discord. This will make sure the same topics will be available for everyone.

Questions & help

What kind of support do you provide?

We’ll always try to help you to the bottom of the issue. You can contact us through our Contact page, via our Discord or email us directly 🛫 contact@simplefcu.com

Is Discord the only way we can get support?

Discord is a perfect channel to be in daily touch with the community. As there is a #support channel, you might get support from our Moderators or other members of the community. However, if for some reason you’d like to contact us privately, please, describe all the details you can and shoot an email to support@simplefcu.com. We’ll try to do our best for you!