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Dear SimpleFCU community,
It’s been a while since we shared some awesome update on our blog. Today, we’d like to introduce you to our newly-reworked plastic case, which is smaller and more compact! But let’s proceed according to our Taxi checklist first.

In the past few months we’ve been running a few marketing efforts and some of them turned out to be an awesome way to spread the word about SimpleFCU Creative edition. We cannot be happier when we hear feedback from Airline pilots, who are using real FCUs every day. We’ve been granted the opportunity for a review from an actual A320 pilot. The A320 SIM PILOT name might ring a bell for you. If you haven’t checked the review and you’re still wondering if SimpleFCU is the right choice for you, don’t hesitate to give it a chance now! The review is an honest one, you can expect a real feedback 😏



We’ve also been working hard on getting a new batch of SimpleFCU Creative Edition into our hangar again. The current state is that we’re closely following the deadline of May 31st for shipping the packages from submitted backorders, and so far, we’re on schedule 😏

➑ We recommend joining our Discord server for updates with the latest info. We have an active community of almost 300 people, who are helping each other with printing tips, editing configs, and sharing knowledge from assembling the SimpleFCU.

Now let’s get back to the SimpleFCU Mini version!

If you watched the review closely or might have caught a few topics on our Discord server, the Mini version has always been a suggestion that our community made. I’ve personally been toying with the idea of having a Mini version for some time as well.

I liked the idea of having a smaller, more compact box that would fit almost any place within any flying rig. The original Regular version was meant to be a standalone box on a table, with no additional devices to be used. But as the project keeps evolving, the Mini version became our main focus.

We squeezed as much as we could. This change made the Korry buttons be closer to the Push&Pull modules, also a few millimeters of space had been taken from the top part as well. The final model has approx. height of 97 mm, which means we have saved more than 2 centimeters of height. The box is now even shallower, with a reduction of more than 4 centimeters! This makes the box as compact as possible.

(Photo courtesy of @DJE31 Discord member)


Thanks to the reduction of the depth, the Arduino connectors are now on the left side (front view). This means there doesn’t have to be any space behind the FCU at all. Ideal for placement under your monitor 😏


The dimensions for comparison (taken from the homepage):

While doing this redesign we kept one thing in mind.

All other internal components have to be the same and 100% compatible.

We did this right and according to our plan. All other components, PCBs, switches, knobs, everything is fully compatible βœ…

All of our customers can download the printing files for free, reinstall everything into the Mini case and have a more compact case without any necessity to adjust more things. That sounds like a good job done, right?

There’s only one thing we cannot cover for free at this point. The main front sticker for Mini version. But we did have a plan for this as well!

We have produced the stickers for Mini version in the very same quality as the original Regular ones. And to give you a little heads up, we’ll be sending them with the universal Korry stickers as well! So you can customize your FCU even further, if you like to use a different Korry function or just want to fly a different aircraft. Isn’t it amazing?

Grab yours today in our shop before they’re gone!

There’s also one small change in our Shop. Since today, placing a backorder or a regular order (later on) means you have to select the desired version of SimpleFCU – Mini or Regular. You’ll be provided all printing files anyway, however the main sticker will be packed into your package per your selection in the order.
We’re going to send both sets of Korry stickers to all backorder and newly made orders since now on ✈️

We have one more thing to share – have you heard of this lovely LCD A3xx project? Of course, you did!

We couldn’t resist the idea of checking the possibility to integrate this LCD into SimpleFCU. Thus, we shot an email to Kav Simulations and got a lovely reply with all the details we needed. We’ve allocated a time dedicated to a prototype of a plastic case for this awesome LCD. What is the outcome?

This is an actual test print that is waiting for the LCD to come! We’ve placed the preorder and we’re currently awaiting the LCD to be shipped to us.
Stay tuned for more updates, this is going to be interesting!


We’re currently accepting backorders for the SimpleFCU Creative edition. The scheduled date for packages to depart is May 31st. Secure your shipping spot and place the order today 😏

Alright, we guess this was a lot of news you need to process and hopefully share with your friends. Do not hesitate to do so and let us know in the comments below if you have any additional questions.

You can always shoot us an email or join our Discord server to get in touch as well.

Have a lovely day wherever you are, safe travels & happy landings ✈️

For the whole SimpleFCU team


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