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Dear SimpleFCU community,
It’s that time of year. To summarize, look back at the past year, and say to ourselves what we’ve done right and what could’ve been done better. Phew, what a year this was!

For us, 2023 started with getting the second batch of 100 kits, as we started running out of kits early in January. We handled this pretty fine and there were almost no delays. We learn the craft over time and obviously, from our own mistakes. It felt great to see the demand rising and people enjoying the idea behind the SimpleFCU module. We’re glad to say this is still true and with 2024 coming, we already have a lot on our table!

We introduced the Assembly edition of our Mini module back in May. We were happy to bring this edition to people who don’t have access to a 3D printer at all. This was indeed a right decision and we hired even more SimpleFCU cadets. It’s lovely to see new people are still coming and exploring the available options to leave the mouse in the cockpit only for the views.

During the summer, we’ve received a few emails about the possibility of creating the SimpleEFIS. As we were working hard on the A3xx integration, I dropped this idea until our vacation. While enjoying some free time, I couldn’t stop thinking about the EFIS module. So once we were back, I immediately dived into the schematics and started looking into getting all the needed parts for a prototype. We haven’t shared a single word about it for a while, this was done on purpose, of course.  I needed to focus on getting all the stuff in the right direction and making the preparations possible without big distractions.
Here we are now, the prototype is done, fully working with the FBW A320, and only a few more general tweaks need to be done. We know the rest of the following process. Expect the preorder, we need to secure all the hardware, packaging, shipping and you already know the rest of the story as well.

SimpleFCU & EFIS Mini version prototype

September vibes got us on the same wave with the KAV Simulations A3xx project and we couldn’t resist introducing the LCD into SimpleFCU hardware. This went pretty straight-forward and we’ve released this upgrade FREE for all customers. That’s because all the revisions and updated plastic parts will always be released for free for our customers. Absolutely the same is applicable for the Configs for MobiFlight software we’re using.
Thanks to the great community on our Discord server, we’re able to provide top-notch support for different platforms and create configs together. The idea behind this is simple, but powerful. With one shared hardware, we can create an endless amount of configs and thanks to the printing files availability, you can replace practically anything inside the module for the rest of your life.
It’s simple like this, SimpleFCU.

The last big update was revealed last week – we’ve introduced the A3xx version as an Assembly edition. We’re glad to spread the SimpleFCU to the world in different versions, even though we all share the same passion for flying. Feel free to roam around in our shop and pick your desired version today!

Visit our shop and secure yours today!


Christmas surprise? Yeah, in stock!

Starting today, you can order your SimpleFCU Merch! The T-Shirts are already in stock, all you need to do is to place an order and we’ll do the rest 🎁


SimpleFCU T-Shirt


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Don’t forget there’s still a valid 15% discount until December 15th! Just use the discount code on checkout. It doesn’t really matter what you’d like to shop for. The discount code can be used on all our products 😏


We consider 2023 as a great success and we thank you for making this happen. We truly appreciate all your support, every piece of feedback shared, every photo of the Assembled module ready to be used. You got the vision right, we like to spread happiness with the SimpleFCU project. And we’re happy to continue on doing so!

So what can you expect from us in 2024?

  • FSWeekend 2024 – March 16 – 17th, Lelystad, Netherlands
    We are going to be there, are you?
  • SimpleEFIS
    The prototype is ready, almost fully tested, the test boards are about to be submitted to production. We’re in, are you?

There’s definitely waiting a lot more for us in 2024. Let’s call 2023 almost done and enjoy the upcoming Christmas holidays. We wish you peaceful days full of rest and flying.
Enjoy quality time-off and we’ll be back in 2024!

🎄 Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2024

For the entire SimpleFCU team

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