🎁 Christmas sale and A3xx LCD Version available as Assembly Edition!

SimpleFCU A3xx Assembly version

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Dear SimpleFCU community,
We heard your feedback once again and we’ve done our best about it. It took us approx. a month to get the whole process running smoothly, but we can finally say – It’s our pleasure to introduce the newly available Assembly Edition version – A3xx LCD version πŸŽ‰

We won’t be going into many details here, since you most likely already know a lot about this awesome LCD by KAV Simulations. We’ve previously joined our forces and introduced the possibility of having a SimpleFCU module with this LCD as an upgrade. We’d like to take another step towards making our flight cadet’s life easier, especially if a 3D printer is not an option for someone. That’s exactly when the Assembly edition comes in handy!

β„Ή You can find detailed info about how the Assembly edition works in one of our previous blogs here.

We’ve improved the internal design of the functional plastic parts, so that they’re easier to print. Also, this change saves printing material, printing time, and makes the QC easier to be done. We save material & time, you save money. Win-win!

SimpleFCU A3xx in gray color

As usual, the package contains everything you need in order to assemble the device. Plastic parts are printed with the finest combination of PLA and PETG filaments for great durability and color stability.

We are launching the A3xx Assembly Version with two color choices available – black and gray.

During the test prints we were lucky to lay our hands on some premium filaments, such as the carbon one, so we can’t really deny there might be some limited edition later on 😏


SimpleFCU A3xx printed kit in black

Β β„Ή One thing remains the same – the A3xx LCD needs to be ordered directly from the KAV Simulation site. There might be some import fees, depending on the country you’re living in, so it’s easier for everyone to make this purchase separately.

So what’s the price of A3xx Assembly Edition?
We’ve managed to squeeze the price as low as 249€! The shipping is automatically calculated according to this table. No hidden fees.

When can I order the A3xx Assembly Edition?
You can place your order today! We aim to start shipping at December 11th. We need to finalize the kits and get them ready into the packages, the rest is ready and done!

Alright, let’s have some fun, shall we?

We’ve prepared a special launch campaign for the Assembly Edition of the A3xx version!

Order your A3xx Assembly Edition today with a 10% discount! This offer is valid from December 4th and is limited until December 15th.Β  Here’s the coupon code that might come in handy at the checkout 😏


Β Visit our shop and secure yours today!

And now comes the best part. Christmas sale!


SimpleFCU Christmas sale

Are you wondering whether you can use the special discount code for other SimpleFCU products as well? You bet!
The 10% offer OFF is valid on any SimpleFCU product on our site during the Christmas sale!

We have pre-packed boxes in stock (Creative and Assembly packages, except the A3xx Assembly version), we’re usually shipping no later than 48 hours after the order is submitted ✈️ Please, exclude weekends, we’re still only humans.

Alright, now you should be all set up and ready for the departure to our shop. If something’s unclear, feel free to drop a comment below, contact us directly or join our Discord server. We are a community with over 300 people from all over the world who are sharing tips and tricks, config files, and much more!

Oh, and there’s one last, but definitely not least, piece of info I can’t forget to mention here! Ladies and gentlemen, drumroll please!


FSWeekend 2024

πŸ“£ SimpleFCU is officially registered for the FSWeekend 2024 in Lelystad, Netherlands. The event takes place March 16 – 17th on the Aviodrome and we can’t wait to be there!

This is the first time we’re going to be at such an event and we can’t really express what it means to us. Sharing the same venue with all well-known brands in the flight sim world is definitely going to be a thrilling experience. I guess we’d need some kind of merch…ehm, let’s say we have something in production already 😏

Have a lovely Advent time and talk soon

Safe travels & happy landings ✈️

For the whole SimpleFCU team

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