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SimpleFCU Assembly edition

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Dear SimpleFCU community,
We’ve officially introduced the Mini version earlier and we’d like to keep on bringing you awesome news! This week’s announcement is HUGE! Yes, you’re reading the heading correctly, a 3D printer is no longer needed to have a SimpleFCU module as a part of your flying rig 🎉

We are thrilled to see how the project is evolving and more people are joining us on our adventure. The next logical step is to provide you with an option to get access to the already printed parts, so there’s an opportunity for you to only assemble the SimpleFCU module.
We understand not everyone has access to a 3D printer and thanks to our latest effort, this is no longer a precondition for building the SimpleFCU. Awesome, right?

SimpleFCU Printed plastics

Printed plastic kit


Why should I choose the Assembly edition over the Creative edition?
If you don’t own a 3D printer already, it might be quite time and money consuming to get into the 3D printing hobby. You’d need to purchase a 3D printer, learn how to print, choose the right filament and many other things. You’ll most likely need to invest a solid amount of money, and doing this only because of SimpleFCU, is definitely not a thing we’d ask of anyone.

Save yourself up to 3 days of printing, the search for a 3D printer or getting quotes from commercial print services separately. Now you can get the full kit including professionally printed plastics directly from us in one package 😏


So, when will the Assembly edition be available?

The SimpleFCU Assembly edition will be available worldwide from this Thursday, May 18th, 9AM UTC time.


How can I submit an order?

We’ll share the product link just before the official launch time at our Discord, social media profiles, and email newsletter. But we recommend setting up a reminder, as we have prepared something special for you 😏
We’ll gladly remind you, just leave us your email below.




How much does the Assembly edition cost?
We’ve prepared an opening early-bird discount, and the first 10 people can get a discounted price of €248 + shipping fee for Assembly edition including the 32-piece printed plastic kit.
The regular price for Assembly edition is set to €268 + shipping fee.

If you’d like to get the discounted price before it’s too late, save the coupon PRINTED for the checkout! The offer is only valid until the 10 plastic kits are gone 😏

SimpleFCU Printed plastics kit

Will I be able to choose a version and color?
The Assembly Edition is based on the new Mini version which has no downsides over the previous bigger housing. You can pick your favorite color for the visible parts on the outside. Currently, offered colors are black and gray.

All internal parts will always be printed black to minimize any unwanted light bleed.


Would you like to see different colors available?

 Join our Discord server and let us know what your color preference is! We’re eager to hear your feedback as always.


What is the material of the printed plastic parts?

Parts are printed from a mix of PLA+ and PETG materials, which provides a stable and awesome quality of the printed parts. The kits undergo QC and were tuned for a smooth assembly experience. The materials used provide an environmentally friendly alternative to ABS, an industry grade plastic commonly used in cars and many other applications, without compromising strength.

We’re using FDM technology to print these parts, so as you can see in the pictures, small imperfections and visible layer lines are to be expected. You can read more about FDM technology here.

This does not stop you in any further post-processing of the parts, such as sanding, spraying or wrapping. If you’d like to be 100% sure what you’re doing, don’t hesitate to ask us. We’ll gladly help with all your questions, as usual.


Each printed Kit includes an extra Korry switch and thin part of the inner push-pull mechanism.


I already have SimpleFCU Creative Edition, and I’d like to purchase the plastic parts only. Is this possible?
Yes! You can directly purchase the kit in black or gray version 😏


Is there anything else I should know?

As we’re currently in the process of getting Creative edition packages ready in our hangar, we aim to start shipping the Assembly edition just after the already submitted orders are sent. We’d also need to get the kits printed, but the delay should not be greater than 1-2 weeks. As usual, the customer gets all the updates over the email updates.

We’re currently expecting no delays and maintaining a planned departure of Creative edition packages on May 31st.

So, did you set a reminder for Thursday already? 👀

Safe travels & happy landings ✈️

For the whole SimpleFCU team



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