How does the preorder work?

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Dear SimpleFCU crew,
Firstly, we’re very sorry for the delay in preorders process. As the payment gateway is fully approved, let’s continue with our primary flight plan!

This is the most awaited blog of this summer! Well, at least for us it is 😅
It’s going to be a longer read, so bear with us. We want to cover everything, so that you have all the information you need. We feel your support and appreciate your trust. Let’s start!

Why preorder?

There are many reasons why companies are launching preorders. We’ve chosen the preorder strategy because we’re a brand-new company with no investors behind us. This makes things pretty clear, we need your help in order to get SimpleFCU to you in a timely manner.

This doesn’t mean you’ll be waiting for your order for months with nothing to show for it. That’s also why we came up with our own livery. Everyone who places a preorder for SimpleFCU Creative edition, will have the opportunity to download our tailored FBW A320 livery. As per usual, here’s a sneak peek!

You’ll also get access to the front face sticker – DXF file. This means you’re able to create your personal sticker if you’re interested! We’ll be glad to help you with anything you might need when it comes to the dimensions, choosing the right material, or any further questions you might have.

Additionally, the sooner you place the preorder, the sooner your package will get shipped. If you secure your preorder early on, your package will be sent out as a priority. It’s quite obvious we won’t be able to ship hundreds of orders every single day, so if you’re a little late to the party, it might take a few more days or weeks until the package actually gets shipped.


What’s the workflow for preorder?

We’ll share the direct link to the SimpleFCU Creative edition with our subscribers via email at first. Then with our Discord community.
You need to open the link and add the product to the cart. The shipping cost will be automatically calculated on the checkout page. We’ve done our best to keep the shipping price as low as possible, you can see them here.
Once you’re actually on the checkout page, there’s an option to redeem a coupon. Don’t forget about this if you have one 😏

Fill in the billing address. If you’d like to ship it to a different address, there’s a dedicated checkbox for that.

Select your preferred payment method – we recommend the Card payment, as the Wire transfer is available only for surrounding countries to the Czech Republic.
In the next step, you need to agree with our Terms & Conditions before placing an order. Once this is checked, you can hit the “Place order” button and you’ll be redirected to the payment gateway.
Finish the order accordingly and you’ll receive an email about your account creation with us. This process is fully automatic and you just need to set the password as per the instructions in your email. Simple as that.

If you encounter a problem at any step, please, let us know over email or on our Discord and we’ll have a further look into that one.

After the order is successfully placed, you can open the “My account” section by clicking the top right menu entry.  The livery and front face sticker can be found in the “My Downloads” section.

Voilá, everything works as we designed!

How long will the preorder be available?

The preorder will be up and running for one month. After this date, we’ll stop accepting new preorders and there won’t be a chance to order again soon. However, we won’t be limiting the number of preorders. So if you’ve been enjoying your summer vacation and discovered this only after the actual launch date, there’s no need to worry.
Anyway, we really recommend placing your preorder as soon as possible 😏


What happens after the preorders end?

Based on a number of preorders, we will order all the hardware and revised PCBs. Reprint everything, assemble a few more modules, and fine tune the packaging and shipping process. There are a lot of things that are waiting for us. We hope you understand we won’t be able to accept more orders at this stage.

We aim to start shipping in late October. Of course, we’ll be constantly communicating the whole progress through our blogs, Discord server, social media, and emails.


Alright, this might be a little too much to absorb in one go, so let’s do a quick recap now.



  • preorders start next Tuesday, August 9th, 7AM UTC time
  • they’ll be up for 30 days, not a single day more
  • first come, first served – who orders first, gets the package as a priority
  • shipping starts in late October


Available after checkout:

  • 8k SimpleFCU FBW A320 Livery
  • front sticker DXF file.


We already have a blog article up about “When the STL files will be available and you can read about “What’s in the package” here.

Phew, this was a pretty long one! You should now understand everything related to the preorder process, which starts next Tuesday. Don’t hesitate to leave us your feedback in the comments and join our Discord for a quick chat!


Do you already have a reminder set? 🤔


Safe travels & happy landings ✈️

For the whole SimpleFCU team



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